Saturday, September 6, 2014

Plant Identification and Tools

The following video playlist will help you be able to identify poison ivy and oriental bittersweet on work day. Be sure to review before you arrive. It could save you an ocean of calamine lotion, or worse, a trip to the emergency room.

Please take the risk of poison ivy seriously, take every precaution, and thorough clean-up is a must after you are done working. Remember that the urushiol oil (the oil that causes the allergic reaction) is very persistent on shoes, clothing, tools, gloves, etc, which means family members and others can be exposed via contact with these items (while putting your work day clothing in the laundry, for example). If you are not familiar with the precautions and necessary clean-up, do your homework before the work day because after is too late.

There are also several videos on work day tools (how to use, how to sharpen). Arriving with sharp tools that function well is the best way to save a lot of sweat and tears.